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Imagine this- You’re able to transition out of your business by selling it to WHOM you want, WHEN you want, and for HOW MUCH you desire for life after.  Sound daunting, even impossible?

I have spent my entire 30 year career helping business owners do just that. I know what works and what doesn’t. I understand business decisions that build families—and those that destroy them. I’ve had families come into my office in celebration, and others sit down in tears.

My book The BraveHeart Exit: 7 Steps to Your Family Business Legacy, was written for you to live the good life and turn your business story into one of legend for you, your family, and your employees. I want you to successfully LIVE your legacy, not just leave one.

Join me now to learn the steps to earn TOP DOLLAR for the business and spend the rest of your time living the life you’ve always dreamed.


  1. Why do you think it’s important to consider your family in the growth and transition of your business?
  2. Why does a business owner need an Exit Planner if he already has a lawyer or accountant?
  3. Is Exit Planning a transaction or a process?
  4. At what point is it time for a business owner to hire an Exit Planner?
  5. What’s the difference between an Exit Planner and a business broker?
  6. How much in professional fees should a business owner spend on managing the business?
  7. Have you ever seen a business sale held hostage by an employee or family member?
  8. What does a successful Exit Plan look like?


  • Exit Planning
    • Successful Exit Planning makes sure the business is ready - operations finely tuned, management team in place to run the business, & sales & marketing running smoothly... while making sure the family is ready as well - the business correctly appraised and the family able to thrive off of the change in monetary allocation. 
  • Building a Saleable Business
    • From formation to sale, we help business owners strategically plan for either a next generation transfer or a 3rd party sale - by working on business operations, new business strategies, and appraising the market value of the business. 
  • Developing Children in Your Business
    • Developing your children into leaders & preparing the family for transition is key to succession planning
  • Living Your Business and Family Legacy
    • Transferring wealth, knowledge, and family culture to the next generation takes proper planning!
  • Building a Self-Managing Company
    • Creating a Management Team that can run the business without you, while developing them as leaders
  • Creating new entities
    • Whether you are buying new companies, or planning to create one of your own, we advise you through new business ventures and strategic formation of entities