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Family. Freedom. Profit. 

Do you want more time with your family? Freedom to OWN a business instead of being owned by one? Maximizing PROFIT instead of just adding sales?  We help you build an elegant, profitable and fun business - whether you decide to keep or sell it is up to you. In the meantime, we help you create a business and life you love, a management team that can run the business without you, and a family that is peaceful about the future. Also, a business that is worth a whole lot more!

Life rewards those who take action. You've waited long enough.

I was 63 years old and ready for my son to take over. The only problem was he was barely in a middle management position in our $35 million dollar company. When my accountant heard I wanted to retire in 2 years, he almost fell out of the chair! He brought the BraveHeart team in, we implemented a leadership plan for my son, helped negotiate the old management team out, and structured my retirement with a salary. Now I’m traveling the world with my wife, and my son is growing the business as President of the company 2 years later!
— Anonymous (Client Confidentiality is Important to Us!)
Our business was booming, and we were working around the clock to keep up. Our sleep was suffering, and our families were barely seeing us as a result. One day, Randy came to us and said the market was ripe for the selling and he’d find the team to make it happen if we were up for it: Deal Lawyers, M&A firms etc. He stood by our side throughout the whole process and helped us make sure we were making the right decisions. The best part? We thought the business was worth $25 million. We sold for $100+ million.
— Anonymous


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My wife and I own a software business that is growing hockey-stick style. The BraveHeart team helped us value the business stock and put it into trusts so we can leave ownership and growth to our kids estate tax-free, while retaining the right to enjoy the benefits ourselves. Now we’re working together to build the right foundation so we can 10x our business - at maximum benefit to the entire family.
— Anonymous
Randy had been coaching me for 2 years on how to build a ‘sale ready’ business when an unsolicited offer came in at $4 million. I turned it down and we took it to market instead. Randy managed the sale - hiring the M&A firm, giving advice on offers, etc. Best news? The business sold for $11 million! At closing, the Private Equity firm said they had never seen a company more ready for sale than mine.
— Anonymous

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