The BraveHeart Assessment

Your Exit Path
1. Have you decided when you want to sell or transition the business? *
2. Have you decided on the terms of your exit? *
3. Have you chosen how you would like to exit your business? *
4. Do you know what value you will need from your business to meet your personal financial objectives? *
5. Do you have a plan in place to incentivize key employees/management team to remain with the company through a transition to new ownership? *
6. Do you know the current MARKET value of your business? *
7. Do you have a plan that delineates how you are going to accomplish these personal financial objectives? *
8. Have you done everything legally possible to minimize taxes when you sell or transition your company? *
Business Overview
9. In the next 12 months, your revenue will: *
10. In the next 12 months, your profits will: *
11. Your cash flow is: *
12. Do you have strategies in place to increase your company's current cash flow? *
13. Do you have recurring revenue? *
Your Customers
14. Could you immediately double the number of customers you sell to if they showed up at your door ready to buy? *
15. If your #1 customer suddenly quit buying from you, would it affect your annual financial performance? *
16. When it comes to our brand and market position, we are: *
17. When I think of my customers, I know what is unique about my company to them *
18. Our customers regularly refer us to potential customers *
19. Our company monitors and formally measures customer satisfaction *
20. We sell to customers *
21. Do any of your customers represent more than 10% of your revenue? *
Your Business Finances
22. We buy from our vendors *
23. Do any of your vendors represent more than 10% of your purchase dollars? *
24. Does your company have effective financial controls to maximize profits? *
25. Does your company have effective financial controls to minimize expenses? *
Your Leadership
26. Do you use a formal process to create strategies and growth plans for your company? *
27. Do you forecast, with the help of your CPA or CFO, the financial demands that your growth plan will create? *
28. Do you meet at least quarterly with your CPA for tax for business planning? *
29. We use formal, documented systems *
30. I use a formal and regular meeting rhythm with my leadership team, management group, and employees. *
31. If your most important employee suddenly left, could you immediately replace them? *
32. Instead of running job ads for open positions, do you have a bench of pre-screened talent *
33. My interview process when recruiting for an open position is: *
34. What would happen to your company if you left on safari for 3 months today? *
35. Are you building a leadership/management team that can run the business without you? *
36. Is your current management team capable of taking the company to the next level? *
37. Do you consider your role in the company as the hub, or the spoke, of your business? *
38. Does your company annually spend 1-2% of company gross revenue on managing the company as an investment? In other words, spending the money ON the business instead of IN it? *
39. Are your key employees/management team incentivized to increase the value of your company? *
Your Defenses
40. Is your company's Intellectual Property (IP) secured and protected? *
41. Do you have an umbrella policy to protect against catastrophic liability claims? *
42. Do you have a plan to protect your assets from personal and business liabilities? *
43. Do you have current buy-sell agreements or buy-back agreements in place for business partners or shareholders? *
44. Have you considered gifting a portion of your business to your family NOW to reduce or eliminate future estate and income tax liability? *
45. Do you know your current personal net worth apart from the business? *
46. Do you know how much money you need to financially support your desired lifestyle after you leave the business? *
47. If death or disability happens before your plan to leave is completed, do you have a contingency plan in place? *
48. Do you have a plan for your family if you were killed or disabled? *
49. If the unthinkable did happen, could your family be supported by business cash flow, insurance, or personal assets? *
50. If you were to die suddenly, does your estate plan clearly articulate who controls and owns your company? *
Contact Information
Name *